Lokeren is centrally located between Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels. These major cities are easily accessible via Lokeren both by train or private car. The center of Lokeren is just 3 km away from the E17 motorway that is a important European north-south connection axis.

Lokeren is situated in Land of Waes along the river Durme. It has a number of protected nature parks like Molsbroek, The Buylaers, The Moervaart Marsh, the De Durme Marsh, etc. It is a stone's throw from Waasmunster Heath, and from the Provincial Domain Puyenbroek in Wachtebeke and from the Donkmeer in Overmere.

Cycling routes are plentiful in the area, including: the Canteclaer Route, the Isegrim Route , the Grim Bear Road, the Brook and the Liniewegelroute the Molsbroek- and the Buylaersroute, etc.

The Porvincial Domain Puyenbroeck in Wachtebeke has a lot to offer. A few years ago a beautiful 9 hole golf course was opened for the public.

Every year in early August there is a Festival is Lokeren on three stages in the center of the city.: The Lokerse Feesten with national and international guests and groups, the Fonnefeesten and the Polifonics. The festival lasts for 10 days and is spread out over two weekends and a full week and attracts daily tens of thousands of visitors. Both young and old find every day their something at their proper chocie. The beer flows abundantly, but the atmosphere is friendly.

Slightly further away, namely in Ghent, in the second half of July and the Ghent Festival "Gentse Feesten" takes place and every five years Ghent organanizes the Floralies. A must for flower- and plant lovers.

In Spring and in Autumn , Garden Days are held in the park of the Castle of Beervelde. These events attract thousands of visitors every day from home and abroad. This event is a must for both garden and antiques and curio-lovers.

Every Sunday morning from 6 AM, at
Lokeren Station Square, one of the largest outdoor flea markets is held in East Flanders. It attracks a lot of people by fine weather.

In September "Lokeren Lives" is instead. The Council and the retailers organize the "Fashion Walk". A few shopping streets are tuned into a catwalk. Dozens of clothing stores and boutiques show off their collections on the red carpet to the streets of Lokeren with their own models, mostly their own clients. That day is also a "Leisure Market" where organisations can show their programs for the next season. The day closes with "Lokeren Sings" an event in open air where the public sings popular songs supported by a large choire of volunteers.

You can see, Lokeren has its own strengths and it can also take profit of its central location where the green is never far away. Moreover it is an ideal stop for travelers on their way to and from the south.